Hello there,

Due to recent events and the fact we have so many customers per week that is bound to have some issues, we are coming up with some common sense rules, that though are not necessary (as is common sense) we need to have this here for protection.

1.If you choose to [u]PAY UP FRONT[/b] and you do not show up on time for you run we are [u]OBLIGATED[/b] to either give you the gold back or reschedule for another day.
2.If on your second reschedule you again fail to show up, the run is [u]CANCELED [/b]and you loose the gold so pls make sure to know if you have time or not.
3.Mannoroth & Archimonde and Archimonde only, Buy 2 get 1 free offer is [u]VALID[/b] for same day only and it can't and won't be reschedule for another day.
4.Make sure your internet connection is working and you do not need to go afk for more then 2-3 min. If you do not show up back in 3-4 min we are going to kill the boss without you with no option to reschedule.
5.If by any chance we [u]FAIL TO KILL THE BOSSES AND CANCEL THE EVENT[/b] for any reason what so ever, we are [u]OBLIGATED [/b]to reschedule or give the gold back.

This applies for now but most likely we will changed them until Legion.

Thank you all,

Bluerogue GM Banished

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